Bucket List and Burial expenses

Want to help out with Shirley's bucket list or burial expenses?

Please visit


or https://www.youcaring.com/mom-mainly-and-then-my-brother-and-i-508874

Or email me for a paypal link

Some of the things on mom's bucket list include:

A visit to see my brother and nephews one last time in Washington State
To have a small ceremony renewing her and Al's vows since she won't make it to their 20th anniversary. 
To have a honeymoon since they never got to have one the first time. 
To take a train ride with Al- He loves trains
To publish a "how to" book about her jewelry making. 
To visit a nice Aquarium 
To have pictures taken of her and Al

Her funeral expenses will run me $6200.00 on top of her bucket list items we are trying to cross off.

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