Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A nod to our Hospice nurses

One of the things that keeps things moving along is Hospice. They make sure mom has her medications she needs and anything else that might make it easier for her as we move through this crazy thing called cancer. We got lucky. Our Hospice nurse is amazing. She really seems to care and checks in often, comes the minute we need her and always, always answers me when I need something. She's been so great and I don't know what I would do without her.

The social worker we have is just as good and though she does not come as often as the nurse has been amazing at getting the things we need taken care of.

Mom has to be technically discharged from Hospice since she is leaving the state to go see my brother and his family, but they have made sure she will be taken care of while she is gone. That is great news for us as it means one less things we have to worry about.

I know she was overmedicated for a while, but there were circumstances that not everyone knows about and getting things under control at the time was more important than the side effects.

at any rate, I wanted to acknowledge the nurse that comes out, our wonderful CNA and social worker. I think they are amazing and I can not imagine how hard it is when one of their charges doesn't need them any longer. They are truly selfless.

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