Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Magic

We don't normally see a "lot" of winter weather in here NC, but in the little area I live in, we do see some. A little further north and they see a good bit more. So, when I woke up yesterday morning and saw snow flurries outside, I knew I needed to drag everyone out of their beds, see how mom was feeling and get up to the mountains. She seemed to be feeling okay overall. Her pain stays around a 4 which is out "manageable" number. She's a little foggy here and there but was excited to get out of the house. There is not much way of knowing how many good days she will have, so when I find one, we try to take advantage of it. Even though good day's means we take a small pharmacy with us, air oxygen tanks, a wheelchair and extra supplies, we still managed to get out of the house in about an hour. Not too bad for the 7 of us! We went for a nice drive up to the Blue Ridge and Boone and did some looking around, took mom to a cool store and found a nice spot to take some pictures of her and Al and the girls. It was not a huge adventurous outing, but it was nice to be out, nice to enjoy the snow and nice to finally have some laughs.

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